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Cold Foil Full Color Sell Sheets

Personify Your Marketing Messages with Perfect Postcards

Believe us, even in the age of e-mails, people like to receive postcards because they provide a personal touch. Our printing company located in Midtown Miami has the capability for printing Akuafoil (Full Color Foil) Business Postcards. Printed on 16 PT paper.  These products are designed to meet the growing, diverse demands for commercial prints and enables graphic designers to expand their customer print options. AkuaFoil products are products with 'liquid' foil applied in your desired areas. After that we print full color on top to give the areas with liquid foil a brilliant metallic finish. This lets you be super creative with metallic colors, metallic rainbows and metallic images but you can also have non-metallic parts of the products that you do not wish to accent like a photograph.

8.5 x 11 inch500$ 985.07
1000$ 1,454.61
2500$ 2,053.23
5000$ 2,671.96

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